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Our history

Founded in the 17th century, in the heart of the prestigious Sauternes region, Château La Tour Blanche, 1er Grand Cru Classé in 1855, covers 40 hectares.
In 1876, Daniel “Osiris” Iffla acquired the estate. When he died, in 1907, he bequeathed his château to the French State on the condition that a school of viticulture and winemaking be established on the site.
Today, the property belongs to the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, which became its owner in 2010.
Located at the top of a ridge, the gravelly soil on the surface and the clay-limestone in the subsoil give the wines derived from it a particular character.
The château grows the 3 iconic grape varieties of the Sauternes AOC. The proportions define the style of the wine, which is elegant and of great finesse.
In autumn, the alternation of mists in the mornings and hot sun in the afternoons promotes the development of Botrytis Cinerea, a necrotrophic fungus that develops on the grapes creating a high concentration of natural sugar and characteristic aromas of dried and candied fruit.
In 2014, the château decided to have its environmental performance recognized through the High Environmental Value (HEV) certification.

Our wines

Last name Sales price Guide Taste profile Aging potential
Château La Tour Blanche40 à 50 €Fruité et doux10 à 20 ans
Les Charmilles de Tour Blanche.15 à 20 €Complexe et liquoreux5 à 10 ans
Les Jardins5 à 10 €Fruité et frais1 à 5 ans
Les Jardins rouge< 5 €Aromatique et charnu1 à 5 ans
Les Jardins Rosé< 5 €
Les Brumes de La Tour Blanche10 à 15 €Floral et vif1 à 5 ans


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