Vignobles Magali et Thibaut Decoster

Saint Emilion Grand cru

Domaine Familial


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4 Properties, 2 Grands Crus Classés, 1 Restaurant, 1 Boutique and unique wine tourism routes, Magali & amp; Thibaut Decoster invite you to combine their passion for vineyards with a certain art of living in Saint-Emilion.

The Château de Candale welcomes you to its cellars and its restaurant. Take advantage of our unique location in the middle of the vineyard and our sublime terrace with breathtaking views.

Embark on a delicious getaway to Saint-Emilion and combine wine and gastronomy. From the vineyard to the glass, discover the wine from every angle. The private visit, unique and refined, will make this moment a remarkable experience!


瓶装价格 指南 品味简介 陈年潜力
Château de Candale ( Saint-Emilion Grand cru)30 à 40 €Fruité et soyeux10 à 15 ans
Château Roc de Candale (Saint Emilion Grand cru)20 à 30 €Fruité et soyeux5 à 10 ans
Clos des Jacobins ( Saint Emilion grand cru classé)40 à 50 €Aromatique et charnu10 à 20 ans
Château La Commanderie (Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Classé)30 à 40 €Aromatique et charnu10 à 20 ans


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